Brandbuilding 2017 is quite
an important and notable
branding event in Russia!


Dear Colleagues,

The most important branding event in Russia "Brandbuilding 2016" will take place on May 31th, 2016 in Moscow. It will be dedicated to brands creation and promotion.

If you’re working in marketing or advertising and you have something bright to share with audience, then you have the opportunity to speak at ‘Brandbuilding 2015’.

We would like to attract the best worldwide experience in branding, marketing, digital and advertising to Russian market. That’s why we are inviting speakers from abroad.

More than 2 500 visitors joined "Brandbuilding" conference starting from 2006 and up to 2015. There were company CEOs, business owners, marketing directors, brand managers and people from ad biz.

Participation in "Brandbuilding 2017' is a:

  • chance to demonstrate that your company achieved impressive results in brand building;
  • chance for the speakers to position themselves as a true brand professionals;
  • chance to effectively introduce your company to the mass media in Russia and CIS;
  • great opportunity to find new customers & consumers on Russian market.

And the last, but not the least. "Brandbuilding 2017" is the biggest branding event in Russia/CIS.

Are you interested in taking part in "Brandbuilding 2017"? If so please, contact us: